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So, I’m a grad student, and I’ve been working on my thesis and an edition of a medieval manuscript. I have no images in the project file, but lots and lots of text files. I am still in the trial software and was going to purchase, but not if I can’t speed things up. I type one word and have to wait before I can continue. I am on some serious deadlines and I don’t have the time to wait for scrivener to catch up with me. I have no idea why its so slow other than I am using the trial version. Is this the issue? If it is I will buy right now! I love this software, I just wish it was working properly. I’ve even gone so far as to create two separate projects hoping that would speed things up. It didn’t. I’m not an idiot on the computer, but I’m not hardcore tech savvy. Ugh. What do I do??

The trial version just has a count-down timer, we don’t restrict any features or intentionally cripple it in any way. What you see is what you get. What I would suggest is downloading the public beta. It has improvements to the text engine that might help you out. Most of them are in loading the file from what I understand; less on typing speed, but I did find on my test systems anyway, that typing speed improved. Working on typing speed in larger projects is the next big priority once this release goes out.

How many words are in the project? You can check that by selecting everything in the Binder (Ctrl-A is fine), and then using the Project/Project Statistics... menu command. The total in the lower section “Selection” is the important one. The top one is just for the manuscript part and thus omits any research files.

Second question: how old is the computer? Does it meet the specifications on the product page sidebar? Netbooks, for instance, can struggle a bit with larger (+150k or so word) projects.

Thanks AmberV. I will give it a shot. My computer is brand new. I bought it a few weeks ago. It does meet all of the requirements. So far my project is only about 20,000 words and about 100,000 characters, but is broken up into maybe about 60 different text files.(This is after a removed some other large text files from the project which didn’t speed things up at all.) I don’t know if that has anything to do with problem or not. But I am going to just keep on plowing through. Thanks again!

Just installed the beta. Didn’t help either…Not sure what to do next.

Try increasing the auto-save interval in Tools/Options... “General” tab. It might be your natural write/pause/write cycle is conflicting with the auto-save and so you get a pause whenever you start typing again. You only need to boost it a little; try 5 or 8 seconds. Just not that’s an idle timer, so you don’t want to set it too high or otherwise the project will never save.

I raised the interval to 8 seconds. That is also not the issue. I type a line, then have to wait to move on to the next line because everything stops for about 30 seconds before I can see what I just typed. Its not awful, just extremely annoying.

I figured it out. I was trying to format with columns by using a table. Once I got rid of the table, the speed picked right back up. Maybe that is something to look at in future editions? Thanks for all of your suggestions! I really appreciate it!

Ah, okay good to know. Tables are usually pretty snappy, but it sounds like if they are used for heavy duty text layout they get a bit slow. Columns are something we have plans for, but it’ll probably be a bit for that to show up. Right now it’s best to just work in single-column layout and fix that kind of stuff up later in Word or analogous once the drafting is done. True columns are better than tables for this, anyway.