Slow autosave?


It seems to me like the current version 1.5.7 has some bug with the autosave-function. It keeps adding a short 1-sec lag while typing, and it is actually quite annoying.

Last year I had an issue with a slow SD card that felt similar. Switched to a quicker card, and that solved it for me. So my guess is that the bug has been introduced in one of the most recent updates.

On a somewhat related note, I have also noticed that Scrivener defines “idle” time as the user not typing letters - but when the user moves the cursor around, it is still perceived as “idle”. If what I believe is a “bug” can’t be fixed, possibly it would also help not to auto-save while the user is interacting in ANY way (even if it’s just up/down buttons or possibly mouse movements). Thanks!

Have you tried playing with the idle interval (general options) to see if you can find a spot that doesn’t intersect with your natural resting habits? Something that can impact auto-save is graphics in the file you are working on. If you’ve recently added some figures that could explain the difference too.

Well like I said, I’m not resting - I’m currently working on a crude text, I change a few words here, move around and change a few words there, but when moving around, Scrivener keeps stalling.

There are no graphics in the entire document whatsoever, and I’m fairly certain that Scrivener didn’t act like this, let’s say, half a year ago. Changing idle interval will be my final option, but I’ve never changed that setting to begin with.

Well I guess that is what I mean, if the auto-save is triggering too quickly (i.e. while you are still working) then it doesn’t coincide well with your rest/work cycle. Increasing it by even just one or two seconds might help, or if not continue to incrementally increase and experiment until you find a pause that doesn’t trigger while you are working.

You do raise a good point with the cursor not being registered as activity. I’ll make sure that is on the list.


Ok, I’ve figured this out: The lag gets longer when the document gets longer.

Is my impression correct that autosave checks each individual text in the entire document? If so, maybe it would be possible to save time by logging which pages have actually been changed since last autosave, and saving only those?