Slow cursor

Hi, I’m fairly new to Scrivener, and am still on the trial version.

I have problems with a very slow cursor; it cannot keep up with my typing (and I’m really not fast!), and is awful when trying to delete text too.

So far I have shut the machine down and started it up again, have tried typing in a Word document (and it’s fine here), so I’m at the end of my computer knowledge.

I have searched for help and found the problem experienced by someone else - but it turned out they were using ‘columns’. I’m not. And I only have a few folders and less than 10k words so far. Can you help please?

This is new computer, running Windows 10.

I’m wondering if it’s related to the problem I have (Thread: “New Install - Interface Does Not Work”).

Can you select anything among menus or other controls without sluggishness?

Does the program behave well, although sluggish?


I have no problems selecting things, and everything seems to work fine, but it just takes up to an age to catch up with me.

I would like to use this software as I’ve heard good things about it, but I can’t work like this.

I’m not technically minded, and if I have to constantly search for answers just to make it work, then I’ll just turn it off and go back to Word.

Hope you got your problem sorted.

Hi AndyCap,

I had the same problem. Maybe it helps if you change the automatic save period from standard (I think it’s every 2 seconds) to 1 or 2 minutes. You can save your work manually whenever you want typing CONTROL S. In my case it helped.

“if I have to constantly search for answers just to make it work, then I’ll just turn it off and go back to Word.” - I can understand this very well. In my opinion the manual is written in a too “exalted” style (I don’t know if this is the appropriate expression - no native speaker) and tecnically not very concise. So, I mostly had to look for solutions in this forum. Still, I’m using Scrivener, since there is still no better alternative for me - regardless all the frustration.

Ciao, Michael

Hi Michael,

Thanks for your reply. I tried extending the saving period to 5 minutes. No joy.

It’s now getting in the way of the story - I can’t concentrate because I’m always being pulled out of it to attend to this problem (or just to shake my head at it as I wait); it’s become a distraction I can’t afford so I have copied everything into Word and shall begin again there.

Thanks again though