Slow keyboard reponse

For the last week there’s been quite a lag between typing and characters showing up in Scrivener.

I’ve tried restarting everything in various sequences, but that seems to make no difference, and the problem is only with Scrivener. Typing in other applications is fine.

Any ideas?


Ah, running disk first aid seems to have fixed things.

And it’s back again. After using Scrivener for 30 mins or so, the lag is back.

But as I type this into the browser window, it is fine, as it is in all other applications. This leads me to suspect it is something to do with Scrivener rather than a hardware or OS issue - anyone else had this, or have any ideas about what’s going on?

It is quite irritating!


Some ideas: … yping-lags


Save and Rebuild Search Indexes: CMD OPT S

Slàinte mhòr.