Slow only after being in fullscreen mode 1.9.6


I looked through other slow posts and couldn’t find anyone else with my precise problem.

Since I the update to, whenever I use fullscreen mode for writing and then exit the fullscreen Scrivener is so slow it’s practically unresponsive. This seems to have an affect on my entire laptop as well because everything runs slow after being in fullscreen; web browsers, Office Libre, games.

Writing in fullscreen is fine. If I’m in they’re for a long time I might be noticing some lag but nothing obvious. Like I said, this has only been an issue since the update and now I’m leery of installing the most recent update.

I tried the “Save and Rebuild Indexes” trick that keeps getting recommended to people struggling with a slow Scrivener and it doesn’t help. I’m not in Scrivenings mode either.

I’ve only ever used Scrivener on one laptop (HP Spectre 360, Win 10) and it worked flawlessly before the update. I don’t think I have enough going on in my one Scrivener project to justify it running slow either.

Has anyone else had issues like this? Advice?

Interesting. I’m having somewhat similar problems where it’ll start to slow down to unbearable speeds after I write for a bit. I also write in full screen and haven’t had any issues until this update. I’m on a Dell 15R using Windows 10. I even tried opening a new file to start from scratch to see if it was too large of a file, but the problem doesn’t go away. For me, it doesn’t slow down any other part of my laptop except specifically the Scrivener program, but it’s still very frustrating. I just want to write! Restarting seems to be the only thing that helps me for awhile until the problem starts itself all over again. I wonder if there’s a way to go back to the version before the update?? … sion-1_9_6

The link to the previous version download.
But I have just noticed that you are referring to 1.9.6. and the current version is 1.9.7.

I would not recommend reverting to v1.9.6.0 especially if you sync with iOS, as it might lead to some data loss on Inspector comments and footnotes. Scrivener v1.9.6.0 might also start crashing, if you happen to install a buggy font on your system. This has been fixed in v1.9.7.0.

The slow typing has been investigated, and we have found the cause. It will be fixed with a new update, but I cannot tell a specific date. For the moment, if you experience slow typing, Save and Rebuild indexes should help. If this does not help, the issue must be a different one from the one we have found and fixed.

I solved this problem on my netbook by turning off Clear Type Text on Windows 10. … ws-10.html

Hope that helps.

I know this is an older thread, but I thought I would chime in here.

I just got a Lenovo X1 Yoga. The first app I installed was Scrivener and I have the same issue after exiting full screen mode (I’m on version 1.9.7). The interesting thing is that it’s not a problem if my display scaling is set to the Lenovo default of 150%. It’s only when I change the display scaling to 125% or 100% that exiting full screen makes my laptop unusable because of that strange lag (I’ve signed out and back in after adjusting the display scaling).

Any update on when a fix is coming for this? I have a brand new laptop and can’t use Scrivener with my preferred display scaling. I wouldn’t know what other program to use. I’d rather not use anything else.