Slow "Recent Projects"

Not a huge thing, but when I quit Scriv (1.11), on restarting later the Recent Projects choice under File take a rather long time to present - 5 seconds or so. Once it seems to have built up whatever, and as long as Scriv continues running (which is almost always, here), the same bit is instant.

I’ve not noticed any other program being slow with the same thing: Photoshop, Illustrator, etc. Is there something Scriv is doing the others aren’t? Why so slow?

A few questions that may help.

(1) What version of OXS are you using?
(2) What hardware are you using (ie. Mac Book Pro 2.2ghz)
(3) Have you run any system updates lately or installed any software lately
(4) Is it the recent items in programs that is the only thing that seems slower or does the whole system seem slower?
(5) If you are running Leopard (10.5.2), are you using TIME MACHINE

Scrivener has no code managing Recent Projects… That is all handled by internal Apple code, so I’ve no idea why you would be seeing any difference, I’m afraid. It may be worth trashing your preferences file - it may have got corrupted. Just delete com.literatureandlatte.scrivener.plist from ~/Library/Preferences. You will need to reenter your serial number afterwards, and you will lose record of recent projects etc (you could just rename the file so that it isn’t found by Scrivener, check to see if it makes any difference, then rename it back if not).
All the best,