Slow Scrivener

Hi, I’m putting Scrivener under some strain, I think, and as a consequence it’s getting a bit slow. Here is the situation - I wonder if there’s anything I can do to improve the perfomance:

Scrivener is slow when it displays Scrivening and stacked cards, and passing from one file to the next in the binder. The time lag is almost 1 second for each of these operations.

  • I’m using 1.08 on a iBook, 512MB RAM

  • I currently have 650+ documents in the Draft folder

  • No Research files

  • Total of 88,000 words, including a high number of annotations

  • About 20 folders

  • All the files are small in size, say an average of 150 words each. Basically, these are all politicians quotes I’m going to shuffle and reshuffle until they click in place.

Is Scrivener slow because of the high number of files used? I could merge some documents together when I feel I sorted them all nicely, but then important Notes will get merged too, and I’d prefer not to.
Any other suggestions?

Try lengthening the auto-save time (General preferences) to see if that makes any difference.

Great, it works: I had the Autosave set on 3 seconds. I changed to 7 and it works perfectly now. S.

Glad it helped! In the next release (1.1 and the next 1.1 beta) I have made some minor adjustments that should make saving much quicker.