slow typing

Hello. I’ve been using Scrivener for a few weeks now, but the typing has just become extremely slow both in the main editor and in full screen mode. I noticed that a previous post suggesting making sure that “hide main window” is checked in full screen preferences, so I’ve done this and it’s not the problem. I do have a lot of things in the binder - could it be that I’ve just overloaded it and slowed it down?

Thanks for any ideas-

Hi, could you tell me what system and computer you are using? There is a known problem in the OS X text system in general whereby typing suddenly got a lot slower on Leopard if you are running a PPC machine, because the text system was optimised for Intel machines on Leopard. So far I haven’t found a satisfactory solution to this. (Tiger on PPC or Intel machines is fine, Leopard on Intel machines is fine, but Leopard on PPC machines is not very good for the text system.)

Thanks for the quick response. I’m running Leopard on an iMac Intel Core Duo…

Another trick to try.



At the bottom change the pull down menu for FONT SMOOTHING STYLE: to



Restart the Computer.

See if that speeds things up a tad.

There definitely should be no problems on that system. Do you use any other programs that might interfere with the typing - TypeIt4Me, Typinator etc, or anything else that might hook into typing? (There has never been a problem with these programs, but there must be something specific to your system.) Failing that, if you could post your full system specs (Core Duo what? GhZ, memory etc) and zip up your project and send it to support AT literatureandlatte DOT com I can see if I can reproduce the lag on my own machine (a MacBook Pro 2.16Ghz with 3GB RAM).

Thanks again for the suggestions. I have a 1.83 GHz Intel Core Duo (running Leopard), with 1 GB 667 MHz DDR2 SDRAM. I have the same problem on another newer Intel iMac, however, so I’m thinking the computer isn’t the problem.

I did try the font smoothing, which didn’t seem to help, but got me thinking about fonts. I switched from the font I was using (BellMT) to Times, and that seemed to solve the problem! I guess that was it?

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Curious… I can’t reproduce the problem with Bell MT, but fonts are notorious for causing various problems on OS X, so it’s certainly possible that this may have been the issue. Let me know how it goes, and whether the problems really have gone now that you are using a different font. It still might be worth sending me the problematic project (using Bell MT) so that I can see it for msyelf.
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Keith you may want the actual Font sent as well.

Could be a corrupt font or maybe Duplicate font problem active on BOTH systems?

Could be a program (like Office 2008) may have installed its own version of the font and it is causing a conflict with a pre existing one?

Definitely sounds like a font issue.