Slowing Down Audio Playback Speed


Is there a way to modify the playback speed when playing a media file for transcription? The dialog is moving faster than my fingers can type …



No, but have you tried using the remote pause and resume feature? If you are transcribing in a split, with the audio file in the second split, you can still use the Cmd-Return keyboard shortcut to pause and resume playback without switching split panes. Note that in the playback controls, there is a small icon on the right, indicated below in the screenshot, which will automatically rewind the audio stream by three seconds whenever you pause like this, which can be very helpful for transcription. If this amount of rewind is too large or small, it can be adjusted in the Navigation preferences pane.

[size=85]Auto-Rewind engaged (indicated by its blue appearance)[/size]

I’m still using version one; is the screenshot and the rewind feature in version 2?


That is correct, this was introduced with version 2.0 of Scrivener.

Is there still no plan to add slowdown speed to the playback? I don’t see it but it has been many years since this question was asked. Is there a reason that it cannot be part of the Scrivener playback rather than the complication of using another player with Scrivener, which sometimes creates problems with shortcut keys and just adds general complication. The Scrivener player is so handy except for lack of speed control.