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I’ve just downloaded the trial of scrivener, hoping that it will be a good program for me as I write my dissertation. I need to transcribe videos and everything seems ideal, except that I can’t figure out if it’s possible to slow down the play rate for the video files. In quicktime I just apple K and change the play rate, but I don’t see how to do that here.

It might be totally obvious, or it might not be a feature that you have–just thought I’d ask.

Thank you!


I still have this question–are there any solutions?

holy smokes! It is not like the forum to let something like this go unanswered for so long.

As I understand it, scriv just uses qicktime to play back the files. Have you tried the splat-k option? It “should” work.

That said, I am not using any vids so I could be completely wrong. I am certain someone will come along and prove that shortly.

Nope open apple K does nothing. (I tested it again to be sure.) You can only click on the advance arrow to advance one frame at a time which works for visuals but not audio. I have simply kept QT open and toggled between programs. I can’t find any way to access the “higher functions” of QT in Scrivener. I do not think that has been coded yet but KB can certainly correct that if I am wrong. This might be a good thing to ask for under the Wish List forum.


Thanks! Sounds like it’s not a function, but, nevertheless, being able use the shortcut to pause and restart the video enables me to transcribe way faster than switching programs every 4 seconds. I guess I should probably buy transcription software in addition to this but given the likelihood that I’ll finish this dissertation and have no job, I’ll just try and type faster.



To give the official answer: no, there’s no way to slow down video in Scrivener. Although video playback has been improved in 2.0, there will still be no slow down function, as it doesn’t try to implement all of the features of, say, QuickTime. The controls are limited to that of a standard tape recorder - play, pause, fast forward, rewind.

Sorry for the delay in replying - I’ve just got back from Macworld in San Francisco.

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