Slows down, selects text and erases it


I’ve only recently started using Scrivener. I’m having this same problem ever since. Often the programm just starts slowing down. If I try to delete a word, for example, it doen’t respond for a while and then it just deletes a whole chunk of text.When I undo the action I realize it had selected that chunk of text I don’t know for what reason. I normally quit the programm. But when I re-open it the same thing happens. The solution is to reinitiate the computer which is quite annoying. I also risk losing important data. Any suggestions?


I believe I am also experiencing this bug, on Scrivener 2.2 for Mac OS X (running on OSX 10.6.8 ). On average once an hour Scrivener will abruptly appear to hang, then delete a paragraph or so from my current document. It doesn’t crash, but it slows down so severely that for all intents and purposes it’s dead (I can select a different doc in my binder, and it will display after 10 seconds or so, but I don’t seem to be able to type, press Undo, etc.). The only thing I can do from this state is exit Scrivener. Curiously, exiting seems to work normally, with my document being saved and backed-up as normal.

Needless to say, this bug is EXTREMELY frustrating, as I am constantly on the edge of my seat wondering if Scrivener is about to delete some of my work! (I have not found any way to restore the lost text when I reopen my project) I am a professional author and rely on Scrivener, so to have it play up is like breaking my right hand!

This problem only appeared recently, in the past 2-6 weeks - I cannot say exactly when in that time as I took a break from writing for a month. I am aware thought that there were Apple software updates in that time frame - could something have broken Scrivener?

What software have you installed in the past 2-6 weeks? Nothing in any OS X update has broken Scrivener, no, and these two reports are entirely isolated, so the most obvious explanation would be some third-party software that you have installed during this time. It sounds as though something is interfering. Have you installed any third-party text tools, spell-checkers etc?
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Hmm, I did install Microsoft Office for Mac a few months ago… perhaps it is subtly trying to eliminate competing word processing programs? :slight_smile:

I will keep a careful eye on what’s running in the background when I’m working, and see if there are any clues. I haven’t installed anything other than Word recently.

It occurs to me that the other slightly unusual thing I’ve done recently is to be working on a project with a lot more contained documents, links, folders etc. I may try temporarily working in a new, clean project, to see if the problem still appears there. It could be that something has gone peculiar with my particular project.

Will keep investigating! Glad to hear it’s not a widely-reported bug, at least.

What sort of computer are you using? I have a MacBook Air, and I’ve had almost exactly the same problem recently in Safari and TextEdit as well as Scrivener after my computer has been on for a few days or weeks (I very rarely reboot my MBA completely). It’s as though the trackpad gets a mind of its own. I’ll be typing, and then suddenly everything stops and nothing appears on screen, then the words I was typing will start appearing somewhere else, in the text above, or the text may get selected and overwritten by the text I was waiting to appear (at which point I have to hit Undo). In Safari, it’s as though the trackpad thinks it is held down, so that moving the cursor over the screen starts selecting everything. It’s very frustrating, but it seems to be a problem with my Mac or OS X (although I’m running Lion, so maybe it’s the trackpad software), seeing as it is affecting all programs…

I’m pretty sure this is an OS X bug, I’ve seen it happen as well, and it doesn’t seem to matter at all what programs I am running in the foreground or background. Rebooting seems to be the only way to unstick the trackpad when it happens.

Argh, it’s still happening after a reboot. It’s driving me crazy. I wonder if it’s time to replace my MBA.

Have you run the recent firmware update yet? I just did that last night and haven’t really used it much since then—I hope that isn’t the cause.

I haven’t, no - my MBA is still running 10.7.3, in fact. I’ll update everything and see if that helps…