Sluggish cursor movement and editing...

I have twenty-five chapters in my Binder. So far 17 are full of text, the remainder just empty chapters with headers. Each completed section of text is, roughly, 2500 words long, and I’m currently at about 40,000 words.

For some time now I have noticed that text entry is slow and there is a definite lag in cursor movement, sometimes of up to a second, which makes it hard to move about the chapter, because it’s difficult to tell whether a keypress has not registered or just not been acted upon yet. Is this a memory issue? Is there anything I can do to make it better? I am using a Windows 7 with a good dual-core processor and 6gb of RAM. Note that I have Scrivener open at the moment but text entry and cursor movement in this Chrome window is unaffected, responding at the speed I’d expect.

It has just occurred to me to try reducing the frequency of the autosave, and I will do that, but would still like this issue to be aired. I like Scrivener very much but this apparent sluggishness is not attractive.

I’d like to report back that since changing the autosave frequency, performance appears to have improved and I am no longer noticing any lag in cursor movement or text entry.

Thanks for the report and the update. Lee’s continuing to work on performance optimizations, and over the next several months will be in fact rewriting a lot of the code handling the text display in the editor to work around some limitations in the framework we’re using, so you should see significant improvements with these lag issues. Keep in mind though that if you’re working directly from an external drive or the like, it’s always going to be a little slower than working off your local disk, so increasing the autosave interval in that case may still be helpful.