Sluggish performance when header & footer are hidden

Hello everybody!

I’ve currently purchased a 2016 13" MacBook Pro with Touch Bar on which I installed Scrivener and…started writing. :slight_smile:

I easily went up to 4000+ words and I noticed that the overall performance of the app was becoming sluggish. This is manifest in everything: from scrolling, to entering a couple of new lines, to hiding or showing the Binder, basically everything. On my old 2012 MacBook Pro I don’t remember experiencing any of these issues.

So I tried opening some of my older projects, to see if there is something project-related and let me cut to the chase: the performance is severely affected if one hides the header and the footer (that which shows the title of the current file and the bottom bar with the statistics & zoom, respectively).

I don’t know whether it is a known issue and honestly, I don’t have the 2012 MBP anymore, so I cannot test whether it is due to the new hardware. But what I do know is that happens every time.

Steps to reproduce it:

  1. Create a new project;
  2. Create a new file;
  3. Hide the header and the footer (View > Layout > Hide Header View, Hide Footer View);
  4. [Optional] Hide everything else: toolbar, format bar, Binder (that’s what I did, I like it clean, although not full screen. :slight_smile:
  5. Write. Try writing at least a full screen (copy-paste some Lorem ipsums maybe).
  6. Scroll fast or press Return fast for a couple of new lines at the bottom, show/hide the Binder fast (alt+cmd+B). Watch the app agonize.
  7. [Optional] Show Header & Footer and watch it perform exceptionally once again.

Do other users get this to happen as well? Can we hope for an update very soon, maybe with this fixed and full Touch Bar support? :slight_smile: