Sluggish Project

The window’s lagging for Scrivener in one of my projects. All I have open are Opera, iTunes, and Scrivener. It’s only this one project.

It seems to lag no matter what I do, even with typing—it is mighty annoying to have what you’re typing lag two a sentence behind, lemme tell ya—and annotations’ coloration have been acting odd. I’ll change the color, and it’ll spontaneously change back sometimes. Not always.

I haven’t figured out a common factor governing the odd behavior, yet. The annotations thing I think I recall happening in another project, too, but this lag is only in one of them, at present. I tried quitting and reopening Scrivener.

Is there anything else I can do?

A couple of questions that might help KB and those smarter than me point you in the right direction:

  1. What version (scriv, os, mac)?
  2. What memory consumption looks like (use activity monitor)?
  3. What is the auto save interval (might consider bumping it up a tad as a quick check)?
  4. Why is it that whenever vic-k is on a thread it nearly always winds up trying to find its way back to left field?

Okay, weird. All I did was quit everything, go away for a few minutes, and open it all back up. It’s working again with only occasional slight lag. Activity Monitor looks good, too, but I’ll be keeping an eye on that for next time this happens. (It’s happened before.)

Versions: Scriv 1.5.3; Mac OS 10.5.8; iBook G4 w/ 1.25 GB RAM.

Autosave interval was 1 second. :confused: I changed it to 3, just to see what that changes.

So I’m okay now. I’ll now have a single thread to come back to when it acts up again.

I have seen this with Firefox. Did you change the page you were on in Opera when you shut down and then came back up? I can’t figure out if it is a java blip or what but there are a few pages that literally suck the life out of the computer. I thought I had a virus/malicious code but that wasn’t it. I did narrow it down to sites with lots of ads. I assume that these improperly coded ads end up “pinging” your computer so much that everything goes down to a crawl. When I move off those sites… presto… everything is peachy. (Pinging is probably not the correct term but I hope you understand my meaning.) This may have nothing to do with your problem but I thought I would share to see if others have observed this as well.


P.S. Just for the record… it was NOT a porn site. :open_mouth: It was a weather site and a home improvement site.

Quitting and restarting clears everything out. It sounds like a CPU usage or memory issue. Had you typed a lot before you saw the issue? Were you in full screen mode or normal mode? Over the past few weeks I’ve been working on a number of optimisations, as it came to my attention that the text system in Scrivener could get quite slow after typing a couple of thousand words in certain circumstances, especially on Snow Leopard.

Huh, I’ll have to pay attention to what websites I’m visiting, because that might be a factor. I seem to recall noticing it more often when I’m trying to save research, which is often name or language pages. (Note to self: Having characters be multilingual in real world languages beats having them be multilingual in fantasy world languages, because you don’t have to make anything up. Remember that when stressing over whether you got the translation correct.)

I’d written some hundred words (under 1k) and done some light editing. And fiddled with annotations, which may be connected, or maybe it just seems that way because I use annotations a lot.

I have Leopard, and I was in normal mode. I rarely use fullscreen.

Annotations are spontaneously changing their colors, again. I keep setting this project to maroon, and it keeps wanting to return to maraschino. It’s also adding in square brackets around and within the annotations when I tweak the color—assuming the color change actually “takes”, which doesn’t always happen.

Example: (I’ve put the annotations in color and removed the square brackets added in the copy & paste.)

I haven’t put any of those square brackets in that second paragraph. They just spontaneously appeared when I tried to change the annotation back from its spontaneously-assumed maraschino color. Notice how they aren’t even on either side of the full annotation, and I was changing the entire annotation at once.

The factors that resemble last time are the combination of what programs I have open: Scrivener, Opera, and iTunes. But there has to be something else contributing, because I opened another project, and it’s fine; and this doesn’t happen every time I have all three programs open.

Anyone have any thoughts on what might be going on? :neutral_face:

Square brackets appear when Scrivener pastes into another app. If it is pasting them into Scrivener it must do so only in very specific circumstances, so could you please find and describe the exact circumstances that inserts square brackets? Presumably it must have something to do with pasting annotations.

Annotations will change colour if you bring up the colour panel when an annotation has the focus and change the colour. The colour for new annotations will then remain that colour. Again, if this isn’t what you did, it’s almost impossible to second-guess the circumstances without more information about exactly what you did leading up to the annotation colour change, including the point at which you noticed it.

Sorry that’s not much help at the moment, but there isn’t much to go on at the moment, I’m afraid.

Thanks and all the best,

I’m still trying to figure out what, exactly, causes it, but my annotations SPONTANEOUSLY change color, sometimes, back to the original default of maraschino, and then change any already-present annotation colors when I scroll over them.

I can’t yet figure out what triggers it, nor what makes it stop. Often it stops if I select the same annotation and select the annotation color a few times, even after it’s already changed. Sometimes it doesn’t even work then, and I have to quit.

So far, I think it may only be happening when I have iTunes open, but having iTunes open doesn’t necessarily trigger it.

I’m sorry, Keith, that I don’t have a more precise list of what happens. I’m trying to find it. :neutral_face:

This doesn’t happen all the time, but it happens often enough that it’s frustrating.

iTunes certainly won’t have anything to do with it.

When you say the colours change when you scroll over them, do you mean when you click into them, or move the cursor through them? Mousing over them can’t do anything.

Also, could this have anything to do with highlights? Have you been highlighting text? Have you been changing the colour elsewhere in the text before this happens?

Finally, you say the default colour is maraschino, but the default colour is actually bright red, not dark red like in your screenshot, so that is odd too…

All the best,

I mean when I scroll over them with the mouse, like the :hover pseudo-class in CSS.

Highlights aren’t connected; it’ll occur without me touching highlights. It’ll happen without me touching the text color, too.

The above wasn’t a screenshot, but an example of the square brackets. That dark red’s what I prefer looking at, so I put it in. The default that it reverts to is this color, termed “maraschino” in the Mac OS crayon box.

The brackets appeared without any pasting–all I did was adjust an annotation that had changed color when I’d moused over it, by selecting it and changing the annotation color.