sluggish scrolling

I am dealing with a file that isn’t huge, nor does it have a lot of formating, but scrolling through it is a bit of a slog. It’s not horrible, but just bad enough to be a pain. I have a lot of information stored in my research folder, but not none of those documents are open. I’m using the latest version of Yosemite on a 27-inch imac retina.

Any help much appreciated,


Does the problem go away for a while after restarting the software? Or does restarting it not help at all? Another thing, do you have invisible characters enabled? I have noticed a little sluggishness with that in 10.10.

no, restarting doesn’t solve the problem; invisible characters aren’t enabled. thanks for the suggestions though.

Okay if it is a persistent problem, the next thing I would try is creating a test project using the blank starter, and copy and paste some text in from the other project that is sluggish when you scroll it. Is the performance smooth in the isolated test? It doesn’t tell us much if it is, though you could compare the two project settings and see if there is anything different about them, like line numbering or page view—anything that is “more complicated” than a simple white rectangle for editing in. But if the problem does transfer we can be fairly sure there is something odd about the text itself. Was it all typed in using Scrivener, or has some or most of it come from another program?

Is this a single Scrivener document, or a Scrivenings session?

Also, is it just text, or are there a lot of images, too?


it is just a long document, actually the chapter of a book, no illustrations, just text. L & L wrote me to say that 45,000 words it is simply longer than the program is made to handle.

What I found out from experimenting is it scrolls fine once I take it out of page view. I hate writing chapters that way though. L and L suggested I use a different program, so that’s what I am going to do. I’ve got it set up in pages with all my supporting documents and notes in evernote. it works. I miss some of the better scrivener features but so it goes. You can’t have everything.

You could also split it into chunks. One of the fundamental ideas of Scrivener is that it’s often easier for the author to deal with scenes or even paragraphs, rather than chapters and full manuscripts.


If I were writing fiction, you bet, but I’m not. I did try breaking the chapter up, and the one I’m working on can work that way but others can’t. I love Scrivener but it’s just not for this book. I’m a big fan of Evernote, less so Pages. Fascinating, I’ve got chapters or drafts done in Mellel, Word, Pages, Scrivener and NIsus. Each one has its strengths and weaknesses. About the only one I haven’t tried is Word Star.

Any program constantly updating the layout of a 45,000-word document in page view will start to slow down a little, given the amount of work it will be doing in the background.

A single 45,000-word chapter is a mighty tome in its own right (must be about 130 pages, if allowing an average of 350 words per page).

Intrigued by the thought of such a mammoth chunk of writing and why it can’t be split (at least in the drafting phase) into smaller chunks.

Feel slightly sorry for would-be readers … having promised themselves that they would just finish the chapter before going to sleep. :open_mouth:

Good luck. Be interesting to hear if Pages is significantly faster in layout mode.

I guess everyone has different ways of writing and working. I’ve had five nonfiction books published and most of them are quite long. Anyway, the way I work is by assembling my notes, documents and hard copies and then writing my chapters from that material, dumping any relevant info into a very loose and very long chapter, ridiculously long, but it’s the only way I can make sure I am not missing anything. Once done, I then cut and cut and cut. It’s one of the reasons why I love(d) Scrivener. Its snapshot feature is invaluable. I started researching the current one back in 1975 so you can imagine how much raw material there is.

I moved the entire 45k words in Pages and it handles it just fine – not a hint of the sluggishness, but as I said, it wasn’t sluggish in Scrivener except in Page view but Page view is how I am most comfortable writing.

True, true, true. Thank goodness we’re all unique. :smiley:

Good to hear Pages is coping well. Impressive.