Sluggish Statistics

Hi Keith,

Not sure if it’s a bug, but it’s a funniness. When I go to Project statistics, I will often get a relatively quick display of the entire docstats, then my gearwheel keeps flying (spinning), sometimes for over a minute. Finally, I MAY get my selection stats. On several occasions I didn’t even wait for the selection stats because the gearwheel kept revolving so long with no result.

Hope this helps.

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Running a PowerBook G4, 10.4.9

This is the same thing that was happening to me. It would spin that grey circle thing in the statistics window for about 30 seconds then crash. It did it every time for about 5 tries, but then stopped after the 5th. Strange. 1.02 is great otherwise! Thanks Keith!

Further experiences with stats: I set my project goal to 105,000 words. I already have 69,000 written. The progress bar fills appropriately. A few moments later the progress bar fills up showing that the project goal has been met (though the numerical indicator still shows 69,000 completed of 105,000. The project bar is now stuck on full.

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PB G5, 10.4.9

I’m a registered user of scrivener. I’ve been using it for a few weeks now. I haven’t had a problem until now. I upgraded to 1.02 today. I’m having a problem with the statistics window. It loads unusually long and then crashes. This only happens in one of my projects. It’s my largest project. It’s currently around 8000 words. Other than this bug things are great. Love the product.

Additional observation: Like another poster, I find that my zeros occasionally get lopped off on my wordcount targets. In other words, my 105,000 word target becomes 105 words.

Also, occasionally the project stats window goes blank (but doesn’t disappear, just remains a white hole in the display). Sometimes this is followed by a crash.


More observations on the lopped off zeros.
I wondered what might happen if I entered
a goal of 6001 (and variants) words, as opposed
to using three trailing zeros. No luck.
The last three digits still get truncated.


PB G4, 10.4.9
(recently ran a Disk Warrior maintenance routine
to ensure sys was OK. Also trashed and rebuilt
scriv prefs. Problems described above, including
sluggish project stats, and occasional unexpected
application quits whilst in project stats window, persist)


There seem to be two issues here. Tim seems to be talking about targets and not statistics, I’m not sure. As for statistics, there is a reported bug that causes a crash and I am looking at it for 1.03.
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Hi Keith,

Yes you’re right, this thread mixes up two separate issues.

One is the sluggishness of the project stat window, and the
apparently related behaviour of occasionally causing unexpected
quits. This has been covered here and elsewhere. And you are
looking into it.

The second is the issue with targets that do not remain stable
for individual documents, which has also been posted in several
different threads. This is often described as “losing the zeros”.

The problem with us writers is that some of us like to rename things,
and so start lots of different threads covering the same issue;
while others of us like to cram as much as we can into a chapter,
and therefore create two or more themes in a single thread.

Must be challenging to sort out when you come home from the day job!


Anyway, just to reinforce what others have said, despite these
little issues, 102 is a dream. (my only concern from the app’s
point of view is that new users might get an inaccurate impression
if they encounter these little bugs; unlike those of us who’ve been
on board for a while, they don’t know how unconscionably stable
scrivener is!)



The only solution to this is for me not to release any new versions with new features, of course. :slight_smile: Bugs are an inevitability of trying new things. Roll back to 1.01 ( … if the bugs are causing you too much grief.

All the best,

No, no. Not at all! 102 is a big step up. Though you’ve got some chutzpah
with that numbering system. It should really have been 1.01.0001 :slight_smile: .
But who’s counting.

I think the real issue is that you’ve created a program towards which
a lot of us have developed a very strong emotional attachment.
I think many of us feel like it’s our kid. When the kid goes to school
with a little zit on his face, we start feeling insecure. What if other people
don’t think little Scriv isn’t as beautiful as we do! So as soon as we spot
that zit, we get emotional. We start yearning for the kid to wash his face.

So when you see a flurry of angst-ridden bug postings on the forum,
what you’re really seeing is love, Keith. Really. :blush:

All the best,