Slugline-like intelligent formatting

Is this currently possible? Love Scrivener, but find Slugline’s intelligent understanding of screenplay elements a huge timesaver, and an elegant solution.

i.e. ALL CAPS = Character name, anything that begins with parentheses is a parenthetical, begin with INT. or EXT. it’s a slugline, etc. etc.

Is there a way of mimicking this in Scrivener? Or adding it for a future release?

Thanks and keep up the great work!

Why don’t you just use the screenplay mode? Format > Scriptwriting > Script Mode, or Cmd-8. Surely that’s even easier?

Keith –

thank you for your prompt response, and forgive me for not being clearer.

I meant things like automatically recognizing certain elements based on syntax and formatting them accordingly, like:

  • a line that begins with INT. or EXT. or INT./EXT. is a Scene Heading and all caps and bold (or underlined, user pref.)

  • any line that’s in all caps and ends in TO: is a Transition

  • any line that’s all caps (and doesn’t meet the above two rules) is a character name.

  • any line that begins with an open parentheses is a parenthetical.


Is there a way to do that via style settings or something? This allows one to just write, without having to tab or return or hit key combinations to select the particular element. Scrivener would just be “content-aware” and know what style to apply based on syntax.

We are all in debt to you and your hard work!