Small and large fonts in Corkboard

A bug?

When I am adjusting things in the Corkboard Tools, there is a checkbox for ‘use small font’.

When I leave it unchecked (so I don’t want to use it), the font is small

When I check it (ordering Scrivener to use a small font), the font is larger

Shouldn’t it be the other way around?


Logically, yes. :wink: With the default settings in Options, the small font should be smaller than the regular font, but it’s possible to customize the regular index card font and size under Tools>Options… in the Appearance tab under the Corkboard section of fonts, so this can end up being the smaller of the two. In the future you’ll also have the ability to modify the small font and size, so you could make it larger if you liked–since the small font only applies to the corkboard (whereas the regular font is used in the inspector index card as well), you could juggle this to use one font for the inspector and a different one for your corkboard.