small but helpful things

my list:

  1. moving to the 64bit to help with PDFs – this is important

  2. the inspector and footnotes: a) ability to make larger and use more screen – at the moment it is difficult to proof notes; b) when open a note, it should be another color … at present it is not always simple to see where you are if you have a lot of notes

  3. an ability to sync presets among computers …

  4. section numbers automatic … if you have e.g. chapter one, section two, subsection 3 when you add a new section or sub-section it would be nice if the other sections automatically changed … and if this could be done in the title that would be amazing … this way, the Binder could function also as an outline of a document …

  1. is done for version 3.0 (our next major paid update).

  2. In 3.0 you’ll be able to make the inspector wider than you can now. In Quick Ref panels, you’ll also be able to switch the sidebar to the bottom, to have wider footnotes/comments.

  3. Presets are replaced with styles in 3.0, and styles are baked into the project, so this will happen automatically.

  4. Numbering should be added using the auto-number tags (<$n>, <$t> etc). It’s usually best to add these as title prefixes at Compile time so that you don’t have to see the tags in your titles or MS.

All the best,

Hi Keith

I am currently sharing compile presets between Macs using the advice given by Mark in this post…

Will Scrivener 3 impact on this process? If it will, will I need to unlink the share through Dropbox before installing Scrivener 3?