Small but irritating problem with formatting

I’m nearly complete with my current project. It compiles well and I was able to compile to Word and print a very nice manuscript to give to my readers for comment.

I just have one small problem. Out of 50 or so files, the first three have a space between paragraphs. The rest have no space which is what I prefer. I’ve spent a lot of time searching for an answer as to why these three are different and how to make them the same as the rest. At one point I thought I had found a menu function that said “Make all documents use the default formatting”. But, now I can’t find this or anything else that makes the first three different. I really want to fix this before publishing.

I very much appreciate any help. Thanks

Look for stray carriage returns in the problem files.

Doesn’t seem to be the problem. If I delete anything following the end of a paragraph so the that the first line of the next paragraph is appended with no space and then hit return, the paragraph again has an empty line before it.

See if by any chance those three renegade documents have a different assignation than the others

Else, where you by any chance using styles ?

Try taking 3 documents and pasting with default formatting into blank document then replace three flawed documents and make small compile with those documents to see if that fixes it

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That’s not (strictly speaking) an empty line you are seeing. Those paragraphs have been formatted with a non-zero amount of (leading or) trailing space. Put your insertion point in one of them and choose off the Format bar the linespacing pop-up and choose Other/More and check for a non-zero amount of Space After. That is your culprit.

If your paragraphs in these docs have nothing intentionally special about them, you can select them and then under the Format menu convert those paragraphs to your default paragraph format — assuming your default reflects your preference.

It is also possible to Copy the formatting of one paragraph and apply it to others — there are menu items for this. So, that is another approach you could take.

I appreciate your attempt to help but pasting into a new document made no difference. The document looked and acting exactly the same.

Have you given my advice a go ?

The solution became obvious once I understood formatting a little better. The first three documents used a different font. It was so close to the remaining documents that I didn’t notice the difference. I changed the font of the three documents to match the others. And then the line spacing definition was different. I changed it to “1.0x” on the three offenders and now everything is consistent.

It’s now time to submit my manuscript to my collection of test readers and receive and consider their comments.

I appreciate all of your comments. This is a complex tool and I need to spent more time learning it. I was just a Word guy. Bring it up and start typing. I rarely spent time worrying about formatting. I switched to Scrivener last year and wrote around 40 chapters with it. Now I can’t work without it. Keeping track of names and locations as well as attaching notes to chapters and scenes is soooo helpful.
Thanks all,