Small Caps Bug and Template Bug

I have only been using Scrivener for a few days; it is a great application and I look forward to its continued improvement. Windows has a large install base that could benefit from such a fine product. (hint hint)

I’ve encountered a few bugs:

Scrivener Version: Version: - 27 May 2014
Operating System: Windows 8.1

“Small Caps” font displays incorrectly on application start.
Zoom is 145%
Single document view (no split)
Yu Mincho Light, Regular, 12, 1.0x
(1) Create a new text file and add some text with “Small Caps”
(2) Close the application
(3) Start the application
(4) “Small Caps” text is displayed incorrectly with the lower case characters compressed vertically
(5) Selecting another document then switching back corrects the problem.
100% repro

Strange behavior using templates.
Zoom is 145%
Single document view (no split)
(1) Have a text template ready
(2) Left click on a folder containing text documents
(3) Switch to “Scrivener Mode”
(4) Right click on the folder, Add, New From Template,
(4) The text document will be added at the bottom of the list, but the document will appear empty.
(4a) Sometimes selecting another document and then the new one will cause the template text to appear, though curiously with word and character count displaying 0.
(5) Closing then restarting the application corrects the problem. The template text will be visible.
Note: If you type anything into the “blank” document, it overwrites any text that should have been there.
100% repro

“Spell Checking Bug”
I hate to “me too,” but “me too.” This bug has already been reported; I’ve encountered it twice but cannot reproduce it.


Thanks, we’re aware of both these bugs and the issue with the New from Template appearing blank will be fixed with the next update. The small caps problem unfortunately is a bug in Qt, the framework Scrivener uses, and not something we can address directly. It’s been reported, and we’re hopeful their next update will correct the problem.

We’re still at a loss for what’s triggering the spell check problem, I’m afraid. Despite the handful of reports about the spell check problem, no one has been able to reproduce it constantly, and we have not been able to replicate it at all or find a bug in the code. If you’re able to provide any further details, please share!