Small feature request for my demongraphic

Reading the messages I believe I am not alone is being, basically, older than dirt. Yet i write a lot, long-form, and am so grateful to Scrivener. But Scrivener is not kind to me and my cohorts. I have previously requested styles for note (footnotes), but I want to request that the notes and scratch pad be enlargeable with like the one on the main window that would enlarge the contents of the notes/scratchpad window without changing the actual point size. Let me view notes in 130%, %175, or %200 of the actual print size. This seems like a small thing, but it would make a REAL difference to some of us.

I’ll add that I’ve stopped using Things, a great program, because basically the 20-somethings who run it have in effect said, “bugger off you guys, we love our on-screen design—it’s so pretty, and changing the display size would ruin it.” Not nice.

Thank you for considering this.


You can already do this! Just use the Shift-Cmd-< and > shortcuts while the focus is in those areas, or go to the View > Zoom menu to change the zoom setting.

Hope that helps.

All the best,

Wonderful. I couldn’t find it in the manual, tho doubtless it is there. But thanks for your reply. This makes life much easier.


Glad this worked out, but I confess that I came here hoping to see that demongraphic. :blush: