small maybe bug in search?

When I enter a search term, and then press ‘carriage return’ in the search box in the Scrivener tool bar, it finds and highlights the words I’m looking for on the page, but as soon as I start typing anywhere in the page, the highlight disappears. If I want to be able to see other instances of the searched for word, I must:

  1. Put my cursor in the search box again and press ‘carriage return’.

  2. Switch documents using the search results column, even if the highlight has disappeared because of typing into a document, I can get it back by switching between documents.

Since deleting the search term in the search box closes the search results column, shouldn’t all of the text remain highlighted until that event as well?


Hi Vickie, this is actually a preference. If you go into Preferences and deselect “Remove search highlighting upon editing”, you will get the behaviour you prefer.

Hope that helps,

This confused me (a new user) as well. I’d gently suggest making highlighting persistence on by default.

Well, it’s easily done - as simple as changing a “YES” to a “NO” in the code - so I’ve changed the default preference for the next update to avoid such confusion. If anyone has any strong feelings about this change, now would be the time to voice them…
All the best,