small point for next Scrivener Windows update

Please understand this note is only for the technical team: you know who you are :wink:

Reason I’m not recommending anyone do anything like the following is that I believe this embedded installation won’t be used by any files which could be maliciously corrupted on the internet, and there is some danger of really screwing things up, and possibly invisibly so until you needed to use a Scrivener backup, if you made some even smallest mistake.

Or you could blow away your Windows installation, if you make a larger mistake!!

That’s the food content warning; please believe it!

Then, I run Secunia, the original Version 2 without the handholding, and never let it auto-update any files, as I consider this quite dangerous actually. I do this to keep up with today’s myriad security releases, and it started complaining recently about the 7-Zip files within the Scrivener installation, which were in turn up-to-date from Literature&Latte, division très Sud-Oz,when it was released.

What I did to try out mainly for a future release was to use the same approach I have for embeds to other programs, renaming the 7-zip content in use by Scrivener, and then copying in the same from an up-to-date 7-zip install. And then testing carefully.

This seems to work, as you would expect it to, as long as those two files are all the latest 7-Zip needs for this embedded role, to which developers will be surely be entirely attentive on that point. Fresh backup zips from Scrivener in testing afterward did duly appear, and in identical size to those from the original, with what you expect inside the openable file.

Hope it’s useful, and if you like, please hide this posting for safety,
Windows 10 latest ordinary non-inner-rings version