small question: list making and font reverting

Love the Scrivener. But is there a way to avoid the following:

When I type, using Times New Roman, and then use the ‘list’ ‘dash’ to create a list, upon the next carriage return the font turns to Lucida Grande.

Any ideas?

Thanks in advance.

I cannot reproduce this in either TextEdit or Scrivener. Font stays as TNR the whole time. When you say ‘dash,’ you mean the first list type in the drop-down, right before the bullet shape?

Try duplicating your steps in TextEdit and see if it happens there too. The text engine the Scrivener uses is the same as in TextEdit (though improved for certain features). If you can reproduce it there to, there might be something up with your system.

Yes, by dash I do mean the first in the list type. The experience is almost as if I were in, say, MSWord and was typing in a font1 then I pasted something, a symbol for instance, in font2–the next character I type after the pasted symbol usually is in font2. Are the list types (dash, number etc) font specific?

Maybe this is clearer; thanks for taking a stab.

best, scott

The character being used is the “Hyphen bullet” Unicode character, which on my system anyway, works with Times New Roman (but is indeed in the Lucida Grande font). I was playing around in TextEdit and managed to reproduce something like what you are seeing, once, but now it isn’t working again. Basically I had TNR set to something like 96pt, and then created a new list and it jumped back to Helvetica (my default).

I suspect it does have something to do with invisible font barriers, though. That is, font codes in the RTF file that get left about and make a mess of things. This is a universal problem to any rich text system that doesn’t show formatting codes. Word, Apple RTF (which Scrivener uses), Mellel, Open Office. I’m not sure if that is what you are seeing, but if you try selecting the entire document and changing the font back to TNR, does it still happen?

And yes, Apple RTF will switch to a capable font when coming across Unicode that the base font does not support. And yes once it does that if you try to add text around that spot it will result in a font shift. However the list system theoretically should be coded to avoid this. While the bullet is Lucida Grande, it should switch back to the user’s font. In theory. Apple’s list generator is notoriously full of bugs.