Small screen...

This is not necessarily a Scrivener question per se…

I recently found myself using a computer with a small screen resolution of 1024x600. In general that is no issue with Scrivener at all and it works great, but when I want to edit preferences I encounter some troubles.
A few of the preferences windows reach beyond the bottom of my screen. That makes it impossible to hit the vital “apply” or “close” buttons.

Now, I read that for 2.0 preferences will get an overhaul, which is great. But for the time being, does anybody have any idea how I could maybe move the window up a little, or scroll down, so that I can access those buttons?

Thank you as always :slight_smile:

Yes, although Scrivener is designed so that it should always fit on a small screen, the lowest resolution for optimum use is 1024 x 768. (I don’t know of any Apple machines that have had a lower resolution than that for over five years.) Sorry, don’t have a solution for you, maybe a fellow user has an idea.
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Google “Virtually increase your Dell Mini Screen Resolution”. :wink:

For the record, you CAN set the screens to lower resolution. This is common for visually impaired folks. I will not explain how, but it is possible a non-hackintosh user cold run into this.

And if you are on a mini be careful where you use it. There was a confrontation in a local apple store when a guy pulled out a 9 IN THE STORE (idiot). I am :mrgreen: though. Thinking about a 10v, but the ethics of it still bother me a little.

You’d run into it with many apps, though. When I’m designing preference panes, I use Pages as a guide - I make sure that none of Scrivener’s preferences panes are taller than any in Pages.

Thank you everyone for your replies.

Actually Keith you are right, it’s a problem that happens with a bunch of programs and sometimes even System Preferences, though luckily with those I can always just switch to a different category and hit the button there or doesn’t it even save automatically when I switch?

Using Pages as a guide is a great idea, still, if you discover a way to implement preferences that are also accessible on a smaller screen I am all for it, thank you.

@signinstranger Thank you, I will Google just that and see what I can do! :slight_smile:

@Jaysen I’ll also check out your suggestion, thank you.
I don’t think I will ever pull out my sammy in an Apple Store, that would indeed be mightily stupid. Until now I wouldn’t have been tempted to do so in any case, since there is no Apple Store for the next 400km from where I live. That fortunately will change in January though. :slight_smile:
As for the ethics - I know it’s debatable, but as I understand it the EU takes a more liberal stance in what they consider fair use. And for me it’s a great secondary machine for taking it to classes or on a trip. It has decent battery life, doesn’t add any bulk or much weight to my luggage and it’s not so expensive to replace it should it ever get lost or stolen.

While I agree with the EU stance on how software companies abuse customers, I am in the US. Trying to be a “good example of a responsible citizen” to my kids, I do my darndest to follow all the laws. Even the ones I find incredibly offensive.

I guess we are talking the ethics of ethics which is causing my head to hurt which is pretty amazing when you consider -->

You might have some luck with a little application called Zooom. It’s a fantastic program otherwise (though probably of more use on a larger screen where things get moved around a lot). It lets you “grab” a window from anywhere you want and move it around, rather than having to rely on the title bar. It also allows you to resize the window from wherever you please, rather than having to rely on the corner handle. So it could potentially get you out of some pinches, or at least let you “scroll” large windows around to fully use them.

The application has a trial period, so if it doesn’t work for you, no loss.


In case no one has told you so, yet: You are a gem (or do you say “pearl”?). Almost any time, anyone asks a technical question, you come up with a useful answer. WOW.

And: No I have no “hackintosh”, I use an ordinary Mac Mini.

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Thanks, Franz! :slight_smile:

I’m trying Zooom now, but it doesn’t work for me. The only thing it’s done is to move the dialogue box to one side of the screen, and turn on and off the checkmarks in the various preferences depending on what keys I click together - option, control, command, shift and function keys, that is.