Small script mode issues with parentheticals


  • In script mode, I format a line as a parenthetical, and the program gives me two brackets like this (), with the cursor between them - so far so good.
  • I enter my text, and I’ve got (translating), with the cursor between the g and the ).
  • The intuitive thing to do next is to hit Return, to get me onto the next line, which will be in Dialogue format (as set up in the Script settings control panel). But this is not what happens. Instead, the program gives me a second line in Parenthetical format. It only works as expected if I move the cursor past the ) first.

Script-mode auto-completes only work in parentheticals if they are preceded by a “(” - eg “(translating” instead of “translating”.

Thanks, I’ll get these logged. Switching from the parenthetical to the dialog does work using the Tab key, so hopefully it won’t be difficult to get it working properly again for the Enter key.

For the completions, that looks like a problem not limited to script mode; any time the word immediately follows some other punctuation such as an open quote, the suggestion isn’t coming up as it should.