Small Text

Hi! I’m really looking forward to using Scrivener for Windows, but have had a bit of trouble coming out the gate (Nanowrimo template user here). I’ve never used the program before, but I couldn’t find any answers on the first page of the forum or in my readme, so bear with me if the answers to these questions are more readily available than it seems.

First, is there any way to zoom in the size of the text displayed, without actually increasing the size of the font? My eyes aren’t the best, particularly on a screen, but Scrivener seems to insist on using size 8 as a basic template. When I increase the text size, it’s still quite small; even Times New Roman size 12-15 still looks as small as size 9-10 on MS Word. I’d rather not type in size 16+ font. Is there a Zoom In function?

Second, I have a bad habit of just closing text documents I’ve made changes to that I don’t want to keep. However, when I do so in Scrivener, it seems to automatically save, rather than prompting me (“Do you want to close without saving?”). How do I stop it from doing this–that is, keep it from automatically saving the changes I’ve made?

I don’t have an answer, merely asking the same question. I really need that zoom button. Otherwise I’ve been increasing the size of my font to 18.