Small tip for those who use compressed backups:

Keep your snapshots clean! After cleaning up a lot of old snapshots (which were automatically created upon sync with external folder), the time required to backup drastically decreased.

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I figured that could happen. It’s one of the reasons I don’t use snapshots.

What I do is go into the Documents/Snapshots/Snapshot Manager and run a search for <3m, which pulls up everything older than three months, and delete them all in bulk. I do wish there was an adjustable limiter on automatically created snapshots though. It would be nice to not have to give much thought to the matter.

As for the post classification, there is really no reason to flag this as being specific to the Windows version, as it is good general advice. When posting platform specific notes, we do want them to classified. But for general discussions, tips and usage questions, “Scrivener” doesn’t need to be about what type of machine you own.

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Not a lot is dependent on platform now, and that is awesome.

Do you mean cdate:<3m ? It doesn’t work for me without `cdate:

Everything is new in a new copy of the project, as well.

Oh, right, forgot about that. This was an oversight that was fixed a while back in internal builds. Since there is no need to distinguish between modification date (mdate) and creation date (cdate) when it comes to snapshots, you should just be able to use the date syntax alone.

I was testing with a general search project, and <3m and >3m got the same results: nothing. I’m surprised that you’d provide a different syntax in the snapshot manager. (Both give me nothing there as well, since I have no snapshots – thank god!)

Well, I’ve got some Snapshots:
and cdate:<1m gives me nothing. I think it should.
Changing it to cdate:<1w doesn’t show anything either.
Waiting for the internal builds to come out, I suppose…

Yeah, I’d file this tip away for 3.0.2. It may be even searching by date wasn’t added by 3.0.1, and then with the wrong syntax, and then fixed—all internally, and I’m getting dates mixed up. :slight_smile:

Well, at least you can search for “External File Sync” and nuke the automatic stuff selectively!

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Project replace can modify snapshots though…

That is a special case, and no modification metadata is stored for them nor incremented when that happens. On the disk they are identified by their creation date as a file name, and that is how they are indexed in the sidecar XML file as well.

They are modified in that case nonetheless. If project replace changed the name of a character and you wanted a document version with the old name, you’d be searching a very long time.