Smart (and beautiful) Folders

If I could thow down some Smart Folders in the Binder that will round up collections such as “All scenes involving the character Mercutio that take place Outdoors”, I’d be infinitely satisfied! Ok who am I kidding, humanity always wants “more!” Nevertheless, this would be a gem!

Thanks for all the high quality work thus far!

Your wish has been granted! The Search function in Scrivener can produce “smart folders” for you.

  1. First, notice that, if you typed ‘Mercutio outdoors’ in the search field and chose ‘All Words’ on the pop-up search-options menu there (magnifying glass), the Binder becomes the Search Results area and shows you exactly what you would see in the Smart Folder you wished for…

  2. It gets better. On the pop-up search-options menu in the Search field, choose Save Search. This will add a smart folder icon to your binder whcih represents a defined search. Henceforth, when you double click on this “smart folder”, the search you designed will be done again. Very cool.


P.S. Scrivener is such a “smart” program, it just had to be in there!

Thanks for pointing this out.