Smart clippings

I’m so happy that you made a Service for clipping text from web pages and emails and other docs to Scrivener. I use the Services menu often. However, I wish we could have the option (toggled in Preferences?) to determine the name and destination of the clipping when it’s first clipped. So you’d select “Create new clipping” and a dialogue box would pop up, asking you to name the clipping and providing the ability to tell it which project and folder to save it in. Currently, it saves it under the name “Clipping” in the currently open project, but I often have several projects open.

I had a few other suggestions, but Beta 2 already incorporated them! The only other thing I can suggest at the moment is to consider changing the name “Edit Scrivenings” because its meaning isn’t immediately obvious. But I can’t think of a superior replacement offhand.

Nor can I think of any other suggestions at the moment, which is remarkable – I’ve never used an app that didn’t provoke several dozen “if only…” grumblings. But Keith seems to have thought of just about everything a journalist like me needs in a writing app. I’ll do my best to suggest other features, but maybe for now, I’d counsel: keep it simple. Adding too much more might destroy the exquisite balance Scrivener has achieved between power and usability.

Thanks for this wonderful application and your responsiveness to user ideas, and good luck in its continuing development.

Hi Brett,

Thank you for your kind words - I’m glad you like Scrivener. :slight_smile: I quite like the “Edit Scrivenings” title just because it is a unique feature that takes its name from the program itself.

As for the “clippings” - I really wanted just to keep this as easy as possible. The reason I am against having a dialogue box pop up is that this dialogue box would only appear in Scrivener, which would then make Scrivener’s icon bounce in the dock, calling for your attention. You would then have to go into Scrivener, set the title, and return to browsing or whatever you were doing - it would thus interrupt your workflow. At the moment, you can just create a new clipping and continue your current work safe in the knowledge that it has been saved into Scrivener, and you don’t even have to deal with Scrivener until you are ready. Then, when you are ready, you know you have a pile of clippings that you have to deal with. I just prefer this set up.

Thanks again,

Ah, I see. I knew there had to be a well thought out reason. Your philosophy probably makes sense for most writers, who generally work on one project at a time, so the current method should certainly remain the default. But if you can find time somewhere down the line to make a pop-up clipping box an option (checkbox in preferences) for those of us who work on multiple projects simultaneously, it’d make my work easier. But I can live with the current set up, especially because you made it possible to drag and drop the docs between windows.

Oh, and I also wanted to compliment you for simplifying the app throughout the process, as by removing one of the views in Scriv Gold. It’s rare to see an app grow leaner rather than more bloated over time. And I really admire the way you thought out how it’d work with other apps (e.g. with footnotes and annotations). It’s so encouraging for a writer to have an app that’s fun to use – that makes you want to use it, rather than presenting obstacles to good writing.

Thanks. :slight_smile: (I’ll consider the other stuff post-1.0.)