Smart collections and compiling (Bugs or user error?)

The first two questions are either bug reports or questions–I’m not sure which.

Question: Filtering the compiled documents with a smart collection. When compile, I can choose “Filter: Documents in Collection” but when I select any smart collection no documents are shown. Do I not understand, or is this broken?

Question 2: I want to set up a smart collection using “In Binder Selection”. This used to work, but now the “Save” menu item is dimmed when “In Binder Selection” is selected. Did Keith turn this off for some reason? Will it be turned back on?

Question 3: This is what I want to do. My Scrivener database looks like this:

Folder 1
-Folder 1.1
–Doc A1
–Doc A2
–Doc B1
–Doc B2
Folder 2
-Doc A3
-Doc B3

What I want to do is compile all the “A” documents and the folder structure, then compile all the “B” documents and the folder structure. Right now the only process that seems to work is

  • Set label of A documents to “A”
  • Set label of B documents to “B”
  • Set label of all folders to “A”, compile with filter “include documents with label A”
  • Set label of all folders to “B”, compile with filter “include documents with label B”

Sort of pain. Does anyone see a way to do this more easily?


Good catch. Yes, this is broken for search collections - I’ve just fixed it for 2.0.1, thanks for bringing it to my attention.

Actually you couldn’t do this for 1.x either. It could potentially be very confusing to have the contents of collections change depending on the binder selection, and double so given that you might switch between collections rather than from the Finder - so this is intended behaviour and consistent with previous versions.

You’ll be able to do this with 2.0.1 fix, given the bug you pointed out above, which will be available hopefully sometime this month.

Life is pain, princess. Anyone who tells you otherwise is either lying or selling something. (Sorry, but I just love that line and have to say it any time someone says something is a pain. Name the film and I’ll double my efforts to get the fix to you sooner… :slight_smile: )

Thanks and all the best,


Oh, oh, oh! I love this film! Alanterra, I can give you the answer if you want Keith to knock himself out even more than usual. And I’m not selling anything, honest!