Smart/Curly Quotes in Editor

I’m having a problem where even though I’ve checked all the appropriate settings, I do not get smart (curly) quotes in Scrivener’s standard editor view. However, if I enter compose mode, the quotes work fine. Has anyone else experienced this behavior? I know this feature is tied into the OS in some capacity, and it certainly seems buggy, so I’m not sure if this is a Scrivener issue or not. Thoughts?

Yes. I get this from time to time as well. Have to select all the text and reapply: Format > Convert > Quotes to Smart Quotes…

It’s a known issue, but the problem appears to be at Apple’s level unfortunately. We do know of a few Scrivener variables that can make it worse. Using Page View is known to increase the rate at which this problem appears, and the rate of appearance is also lower when using the direct-sale version instead of the Mac App Store version (which uses the sandboxing system, though why that impacts spelling and auto-correction is a mystery).

Ugh. Thanks AmberV. One of the reasons I abandoned Apple’s new version of Pages (in addition to falling in love with Scrivener’s features) is that it is plagued by bugs such as this. Now I’m learning that those bugs infect other apps as well. Oh, Apple. They get about 92% of everything right, and then royally screw up the rest. Hopefully fixes for these bugs are forthcoming with the new OS in September.

Exactly, that’s the problem, in our investigations into this issue, we’ve found that often the problem exists system-wide, even into programs like Mail and such that only use the text engine very simply. It’s very frustrating, but there doesn’t seem to be much we can do about it. Our hope is that some factor will be made clear between systems that experience the issue and systems that do not. I, for instance, have never had this problem on my computer. I suspect most people probably don’t, given how we only hear about it now and then. But what is different between your computer and mine?

That is where it gets tricky! :slight_smile:

Well, I hope you continue enjoying our software despite this problem. My hope is that it will clear up in Yosemite, but we won’t know that until it has been out for a while and lots of different systems are using it.

Use smart quotes is checked in my Apple settings as well, but I suppose the bug is what undoes this? I noticed that the last file compiled to Word with straight quotes even though I had convert to smart quotes checked AND had told Scrivener, Apple, and Word to use smart quotes… I don’t recall seeing this before, over a couple of years. I’ll try it in editor view. This kind of thing really drives me nuts… Part of what we like Scriv for are the aesthetics, right? :slight_smile: Smart quotes are fine with Courier, but look terrible with TNR.

Yes, this bug will cause auto-correction to fail entirely, it has nothing to do with settings. What happens if you use the Format/Convert menu to change straight quotes to curly?

Rather than typing single and double primes, I find it easier to type single and double curly quotes… … ion-marks/

I always have it set this way, just in case. So, not always coming through, but sometimes. … Luckily in Word you can do a global search and replace and change them all.

To clarify what I mean by that, there is a command in Scrivener: Format/Convert/Quotes to Smart Quotes. This is a one-time command that you run on existing text, it isn’t a toggle or an option. I was curious if that command works when typographic corrections are otherwise inoperable (we would expect it to work fine if smart quotes are otherwise working, anyway, so there is no sense in testing it until the problem occurs), as a way of seeing what the extents of the problem are.

But, that command may be an easier approach than search and replace anyway.

I’ll try this again. I’m pretty sure I had this checked… do you have to select all the text to make this work? I DID think this was a toggle.

Oh okay, that could be the point of confusion, there is no checkmark beside this function, it is just a command, like converting text to lowercase.

You do not need text to be selected in order for it to work. If you do select text, it will make sensible use of that selection, but otherwise it will convert all visible text in the active editor.