Smart-Edit - Scan for over used phrases and words

a very usefull feature in pagefour.
otherwise you have made a beautifull software
congratulations and many thanks
GA :smiley:

You cannot do phrases, but a word counter does exist. In Document Statistics (not Project), drop down the Word Frequency section at the bottom. Click on the columns to sort.


Having just tried out the Word Frequency count (of which I was totally unaware before your post), it made me realise this count must be based on a database in Scrivener containing the total number of different words (vocabulary range) within the project/document. This is really useful information when writing for children or ESL/EFL students within limited vocabulary parameters. How can we dig it out?


You are right in that it is generated by the used vocabulary (typos and all), but I don’t believe the frequency chart is built off of some separate database. I think it just generates it whenever it is needed (when you call up that dialogue). There isn’t any way to save this list out, but to get a chart for the entire draft, just Option-click on the Draft to Edit Scrivenings for the whole book, and then call it up again (might take a few seconds to do all of that, depending upon the size of your book).

Thanks Amber,

What I was hoping for was an accurate way of seeing whether I was using an overall project vocabulary of, for example, around 50 words, 100 words, 1000 words, 10,000 words, as this is directly related to readability for specific age groups and abilities in the field of education.
It seems only a short step away from what’s already there (just an onscreen count of the total of different words already listed in Text Statistics), and would be incredibly useful for those of us writing texts for schools.
Any ideas, Keith? Is it possible now or even future potential?


This isn’t possible now and isn’t on the list, I’m afraid (that’s a no for the foreseeable future).
Thanks for the suggestion and all the best,