Smart Folder experts?

After a year, I’ve become a packrat. While I have organized my files in folders (which is fine), there are times when I just want to see every document. By that, I mean Word, Pages, RTF, text.

What I don’t want to see, and this is where I’m stumped: images, mp3, audio files, html, xml, etc.

Any way of doing this without building a smart folder for just the files I want?

It would help to know what OS version you are using. If you are using Leopard, there is a way to do what you want using the interface. Otherwise if you are using Tiger the answer is more complicated and probably would require hacking the XML file that creates a smart folder. It took Apple a long time to figure out that people need more out of a search than just “Find that”.

  1. Create a new Smart Folder
  2. Press the ‘+’ button and leave this as Kind is Any
  3. Hold down the Option key and the ‘+’ button to the right of that line should turn into an ellipses; click that. This creates a conditional set.
  4. Leave it as “Any of the following are true”
  5. Now set up four rules as follows: Kind is Other: ‘word’ / Kind is Other: ‘pages’ / Kind is Text: Rich Text / Kind is Other: ‘text’

You cannot use Apple’s supplied “Plain Text” form of the text kind because that idiotically includes everything on the system that is written in plain text (except for RTF it seems). But if you use a custom “text” kind than it works fine.

Here is a screenshot of what your settings should look like:

That’s it!

Leopard - sorry.

But, I never knew about holding down the option key. I scoured my one and only Mac book and that’s not in there. VERY cool. Thanks so much, Amber!

Not a problem! These conditionals are pretty nice as you can created nested sets and so on.