Smart folders

Greetings. I am new to this forum. I just downloaded Scrivener and have been playing with it for two days. I am an anthropologist and amateur writer. I was looking for one piece of software that would take care of most of my needs.

Right now I use Mori, but and thinking of switching to something else. One of the really useful features for tracking lots of items related by context, but not by project is having smart folders.

I saw a previous post which provided a work around solution. While servicable, it doesn’t seem ideal. Being able to quickly navigate through smart folders really helps to put in perspective all that must be done.

Anyway, I was wondering if smart folders were going to be implemented in Scrivener Gold or if that would be something you might consider adding.

Thanks for a great piece of software,


If you’re using Scrivener Gold, as you imply, know that it’s a very old and no longer supported version, and you should download the latest beta from the beta forum. (Be forewarned, though, that it’s shareware, not free.)

The current version supports saved searches, which are sort of like smart folders. I’m not sure if they’re what you’re looking for, but give it a shot.

Okay, thanks. I am using the new shareware version. I’m deciding whether I want to purchase and switch over. I guess I wasn’t looking very carefully then about Scrivener Gold.

I have used the saved searches. I guess I’m asking whether there are any plans for proper smart folders in the not-to-distant future.




I can answer that: no, I’m afraid there are no plans to have “proper” smart folders any time soon. Possibly in 2.0, but that is a long way off.


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