Smart Formatting Presets

When writing papers (I use Scrivener mainly for academic papers), I usually fin myself writing the main body of my work in a formatting preset I’ve created (which uses my favorite font for working). I also usually insert in my text many block quotes, with another present (which uses the same font I like for working, but in a slightly smaller size).
The problem I have is that when compiling, I usually want to format both types of text in different ways (say, different fonts and sized for the main text and for the block quotes). But the formatting section of the compile menu won’t allow me to do this. I can ONLY change the formatting of the WHOLE text at a certain level when choosing to override. I cannot make any difference depending on the type of text I intend it to be (main body or block quote).
There should be a way to format your text when compiling, so that you can establish different options depending on the MEANING you wish to give to the text you’re writing. Like, for instance, formatting everything written in “preset A” to, for example, Times New Roman 12; and everything in “preset B” to Arial 8 (or any other font and size you wish). You should be able to do this at every level, as block quotes and body texts are usually used together within the same document.

This is just one idea I have to solve this problem. May not be the best, but I hope you understand my intention and implement some way for me to be able to difference kinds of texts within documents.

Thanks for the feedback, this is indeed a known limitation in the current system. We have some ideas on the table for addressing it, but given the level of overhaul they would require they are on the long-term list. Small consolation, I suppose, but know it’s not something we’re ignorant of.