Smart links working inconsistently

I’m having trouble with the smart links feature, i.e. the feature that turns URLs into active links.

If I type a URL directly into Scrivener, character-by-character, it dutifully goes blue and turns into a link

But if I past the same characters (e.g. having copied the URL from a browser) the URL doesn’t turn into a live link whatever I do (apart from manually select the Make Link option, of course).

You get the same result whether you paste formatted or plain text

Similarly, if I type an email address manually it becomes live, but any kind of pasted-in text won’t become a mailto: link

What gives?


PS: the Help pages for Preferences - Text Editing need updating to include the Smart Links option

The Help file will be rewritten for 2.0.

Smart links are a feature of the OS X text system, and they are a bit flaky. You’ll find the same behaviour across OS X, in TextEdit, for example. In other words, I didn’t code them, Apple did and I just added them as an option seeing as they are available - my code literally involves “[textView setUsesSmartLinks:YES]” or “[textView setUsesSmartLinks:NO]”. :slight_smile:

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