Smart Quotes In S&R?

Hi all

I’m wondering – how do I use “smart quotes” and such in search & replace, project replace, etcetera? There doesn’t seem to be an easy way to do this. Also, whenever I search for a word or phrase that has a smart-single-quote (apostrophe) in it, it replaces it, but when it replaces it, the “smart” apostrophe is gone, replaced by a straight one? I’ve got the proper substitutions/text-replacements turned on, but this doesn’t seem to have any effect.

Just wondering, as I kind of need this,


You can use Opt-[ and Opt-Shift-[ to enter left and right smart double quotes into the replace field and Opt-] and Opt-Shift-] to enter left and right smart single quotes. You could also just let them be straight and then use the Format > Convert > Quotes to Smart Quotes command on your documents, but that won’t allow you the same precision as if you’re going through instance by instance to make the replacements. (So for instance, the OS text system will insist on using an open quote when immediately following an em-dash, and you might really want a close quote there.) You might also want to check out the latest beta in the Mac forum, as that gives some additional rules for searching and replacing smart quotes specifically.