Smart Quotes issue after Update

I have a whole whack of stories started in Scrivener, all created before the latest update. I had disabled Smart Quotes in these documents so I could edit the raw .rtfs on my iPad. (Smart Quotes don’t convert well). However, since the update, all my quotations and apostrophe’s are reversed. As in, all my ’ look like `. It will let me “Convert to Straight Quotes” again and that will solve the problem but it only converts them for the scene I am currently in. And we’re talking about 60 plus scenes for the one novel alone, not to mention all the others. I have gone into preferences and tried “Enable/Disable Smart Quotes” but it doesn’t seem to have any effect. I LOVE all the new features in the update and I really don’t want to have to downgrade, but I don’t know what else to do. Is there any way of selecting the entire manuscript and converting to straight quotes?

You should be able to use Edit > Find > Project Replace for this. For each style of smart quote you need to convert, copy and paste the character into the “Find” field, then replace with the straight version.