Smart quotes no longer working

Smart quotes have recently stopped working in a document that I’ve been using for a few months. I have smart quotes activated in my preferences and I can convert the smart quotes in my document manually if I wish.

I created a new Scrivener file and the smart quotes work OK in that so I’m not sure if it’s a document-specific problem or not. I have the latest Scrivener for Mac version (2.4.1).

I just noticed the same thing. I’m using Scrivener version 2.4.1.

A forum user told me this version of Scrivener solved a known-issue with smart-quotes from the last official version. Surprised to see smart quotes not working again.

(My project is an ongoing file, created 11/12, with the previous official release of Scrivener. Smart quotes have worked and not worked seemingly randomly. I will start a new file and they’ll work again, but I’m sure if I continued in the project the quotes would go back to straight after a while.)

This is pretty bizarre but I just closed my file, restarted Scrivener, re-opened the file and now the smart quotes are working!

That said, I’ve had this issue with smart quotes before (with this version of Scrivener and with the same document). Something still seems screwy and I wouldn’t be at all surprised if the problem came back.

The problem can go away for a time (so to speak), but it has been a recurring issue for me. Not sure if anyone else is dealing with it.

I just received this reply from Jeff, a support tech:

"This functionality is actually handled entirely by the operating system, and it has begun to show this erratic behavior after some recent OS X updates. We haven’t been able to identify what is causing it, but we know it is related to those OS X updates. The last time this happened (in Lion), we stumbled across the problem by sheer luck – it turned out to be an bug in Apple’s code, and we were lucky enough to find a way to circumvent it. There is no telling whether or not we will be able to find a similar fix this time.

Our suspicion (which we cannot prove yet) is that this affects all applications that utilize Apple’s text-handling system. But because it comes and goes, and because most people don’t spend hours at a time in Mail or TextEdit, they witness the problem most frequently in something like Scrivener."


I asked that he keep us updated. It is understandable that this issue is an operating system problem. We benefit from Scrivener drawing from native resources, for stability and recoverability of a damaged project. Hopefully they can locate the culprit again.

Thanks so much for following up on this. Even though the problem has gone for me at present, based on my experiences and yours, I’m sure it’ll be back. It’s good to know that tech support is aware of it.

I’ve just had a reoccurrence of the smart quotes problem but once again, I found that by closing the document and restarting Scrivener, it went away. Weird!