Smart quotes only creates "closed" curly

I have tried to solve this for hours on end. And now I am at my wit’s end. I have smart quotes turned on, but for some reason all quotation marks become closed ones, i.e. ’ or ”. It doesn’t matter if it’s at the beginning of a sentence, after, at the start of the document or at the end, every single quote gets auto-changed into the closed curly. I have tried to convert them to straight quotes and then back, to no avail. I have tried starting a new project, but the issue remains. And exporting the document to pdf or docx reproduces the problem, i.e. the problem remains and does not get solved in the compiling process. I have googled after a solution and dabbled in various settings without figuring out a solution.

I could of course manually change all the quotations marks, but that is a very daunting task. I just want my curlies to go the right way… Please help.

I’m using version 2.8.1 on Yosemite, if that helps.

While I am in the process of admitting my ineptitude with Scrivener, I’ll take the opportunity to ask another question. I accidentally deleted the “Essay Block Quotes (preserved)” setting from the format menu. Is there anyway to bring it back (resetting the defaults, so to speak)?

My smart quotes substitutions have also stopped working. I don’t know what triggered this change—they’ve always worked fine in the past. Smart dashes seem to be inoperative, as well. Hope somebody has advice on this. It’s no sign of ineptitude, OP!

A week has passed and there is still no one with a solution? :frowning:

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To be honest, I’m replying not because I have a solution to your problem, but because my impression from reading these forums is that smart quotes, depending as they do on the Apple text engine that Scrivener uses, are aren’t always as reliable as one might hope. It would be worth your while searching the forums for “smart quotes” in case the issue has arisen before and a solution found.

This might help: … quote.html