smart quotes preferences not working

So far so good with 2.0 until, all of a sudden, despite the fact that I have the box checked in preferences (Scriv and my system prefs) I’m not getting smart quotes. I’ve read the other threads re smart quotes and found nada…Any idears? Thanks very much.

Check your system preferences, because the smart quotes use the system preferences settings for which type of quote to use. Also check you haven’t accidentally entered scriptwriting mode…
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Aha! Thank you! I had accidentally entered scriptwriting mode. My novel was being turned into a movie even before it was published!

And thanks again for an excellent program.

I’m having the same problem. I’ve checked system preferences and I’m in English. I don’t seem to be in scriptwriting mode, though I’m not sure how you check that but I opened a new novel document and it’s doing it a fresh document as well. I have my smart quotes option checked. I’ve tried unchecking it and rechecking it and nothing works. Any ideas?

Go to format >> scriptwriting and make sure "script mode - screenplay’ is not checked. That’s what happened to me. Somehow it got checked. Hope this works!

Here is how you can tell from your editor:

Checking the menu, as hinted above, will also tell you. The yellow-ish icon will be visible all over the place, even in the binder and on index cards, so you can tell at a glance if a file is a script or not.

Thanks! It’s not checked. So puzzling! A friend said there was a lag in the conversion but it’s been several minutes and no smart quotes. :frowning:

No script mode mentioned anywhere else either. :frowning:

There is a lag, but it’s maybe 0.28 seconds.

If that’s what you have and it isn’t working, you could perhaps try logging out of your account and back in. It really ought to change immediately for you, though.

I have that checked. I’ll try logging out and back in. So weird! None of my friends are having this issue either. My old documents from the previous Scrivener work fine.

Logging out and back in didn’t work. :frowning: I had some font issues several months ago. Maybe they have come back. I’ll check that next.

That’s actually a good point, some fonts do not even have these types of glyphs in them. Most do, but in particular, many typewriter emulation or other fixed with speciality fonts do not. Try setting your font to Optima and seeing if you get them.

Having same problem here. Made all checks mentioned in this thread. All quotes in the titles (displaying within Scrivener) are straightened. No matter what relevant changes I make.

Mine was a font problem. I deleted the plist file and launched Font Book again and verified the fonts. That fixed it. Yay!

Yes, as far as I know the titles will always have straight quotes in Scrivener, because of the constraints of displaying them in so many places (binder, outliner, corkboard, etc–they don’t all use rich text). EDIT: Nevermind, I made it work. Apparently you can force them to be smart quotes if you type it in the Scrivening heading or insert the quotes as a symbol specifically. Cool. Sorry to have misrepresented that.

colleencoble - Yay, glad yours is fixed!

I did the same with no luck.

Keep in mind that these have been ENTERED AS and APPEAR AS curly quotes, either by using opt-[ or through Cocoa text pop-up menu/Substitutions/Smart Quotes. So they appear as smart quotes. So they are being actively converted into straight quotes upon RTF export.


Hear ye, hear ye! I found the bug. Curly quotes are straightened if you have ENTERED A PREFIX in the Export Sheet’s settings. That is, if you do: Formatting >> Title Settings… >> Prefix and enter ANY text.

I’m not getting this. Do you have any other settings that change? I know it sounds silly, but you don’t have the “straighten smart quotes” option checked in Text Options, do you? Leaving that unchecked, I’m able to compile to .rtf with titles left alone, with a prefix, and with a suffix, and the quotes remain curly.

Nope. Simply removing all export prefixes fixed it … and it’s the ONLY thing that has made a difference in 48 hours of trying.

Huh. Weird. I’ll have to toy with mine more and see if I can replicate it. (Because, you know, that’s way more productive than, say, finishing the last scenes of my novel.) I’m glad you got it working, at least! :slight_smile: