Smart Quotes / Substitutions Not Working (With a Twist)


Just noticed a recurrence of a problem I had in the previous version of Scrivener: Smart quotes and other text substitutions just randomly stop working — even though they remain working in other apps that use the OS X text system. There are several ways to fix this problem, I’ve noticed:

  1. Save the project. This will temporarily fix the problem, though it comes back rather quickly.
  2. Close the project, delete ui.plist from the project package, then reopen the project. This fixes the problem for quite some time, though it will eventually return.
  3. Restart Scrivener. This has the same effectiveness as (2). But again, the problem keeps coming back, even though substitutions will still work in other apps that use the OS X text system.

A weird quirk to this problem is that it seemingly only affects the currently focused editor in wrap mode. If I switch to Page View, then - boom - substitutions work again. If I open up a Quick Reference panel with the same document in it - boom - substitutions work again. Composition mode - same thing. So, only “wrap mode” in the current non-Composition-mode editor seems affected by the problem.

Really not sure what’s going on here!


That sounds a lot like this one, that’s been going around ever since around 10.8.1 or so (although it impacts the Lion release that came out around then as well). The bad news is that it’s terribly inconsistent and we’ve never managed to get any kind of pattern located on it—we’ve tried advising people to switch editor modes as you did, and that doesn’t work. Initially it seemed to be sandboxing-only, but the reports have spread to the standard version as well (possibly around 10.8.2).