smart select, drag & drop

It would be nice for double-click to select a word, a triple-click to select a word’s parent sentence (or end-punctuated clause), and a quad-click to select the parent paragraph.

But more importantly, dragging a selected word to land between two existing words should adjust & insert a single space as needed, same as the “civilized” behavior of Word. Current behavior slows me way down because I have to manually click-drag-select a word and its (usually) leading space, then precisely position the click-release cursor at the end of the target preceding word.

Double-click word selection seems pointless for drag-n-drop because spacing needs to be manually adjusted twice: once at the drop target (add space), and another at the origination point (del the “left over” space).

Also, leaving the dropped selection selected seems useful, rather than have to re-select the mess if it needs to be moved again.

I’ve looked for an Editor option to see if any of this can be turned on, but no such luck… unless this is what “Use block insertion point” is for, which is unselected by default.