smart word/snippet drag

Double-click to highlight a word or drag-select a word-phrase, then click on it and drag/drop it into a new location nearby, between existing words or at start or end of sentence, while maintaining leading/trailing spaces and behaving around punctuation. MSWord does this mostly intelligently. If Scrivener has this option, I haven’t found it.

A BIG plus would be autocapitalization when dropping to the start of sentence or paragraph. Likewise, de-capitalization when dragging away from those locations.

Essential when tweaking passages for best euphony & readability e.g. vis-à-vis adverb & adjective placement, inverting clauses, or even splitting/unsplitting the odd infinitive.

Right now with the NOT-SMART operation I have to manually eyeball & drag-select words or snippets plus a leading space, then after carefully dropping, double-check for leading & trailing spaces, wrongful concatenation, and double-spaces, which altogether I find annoying, tedious, and time-consuming.