Scrivener offers to search many things, and also to save into a collection which looks like a smartfolder

This function could be improved:
showing the searching collections like smart folder in the blinder; that would give more visibilty, especially with the entire hierarchy of the project
getting the criterias’s search changeable
having more possibilities for the search’s rules (like Mail rules, or Aperture etc…)

Maybe nexte version :smiley:

  • In version 1.x (which you can still download and play with on a demo basis) did in fact have “smart folders” in the Binder. It wasn’t quite as seamless as you might be expecting, though—it was changed to the current system for a number of carefully considered reasons. Search results do not “exist” as a part of the stored project. They refer to items in the project, yes, but they themselves are not stored items. So they cannot appear in the Binder proper (disclosure arrows on smart folders—something that even Apple doesn’t allow in Finder), meaning smart folders, as objects, have very limited integration and use in the Binder. This caused a bit of a conflict, thinking of things in terms of smart folders when they don’t in fact act at all like a folder. :slight_smile: Once you factor out any potential advantages along the lines of integration, I can’t think of many real advantages to storing the saved search hook inside the Binder list as opposed to one concise list at the top of the Binder. One requires you hunt (or ha, even search for your search) through hundreds or thousands of items while Collections require you to hunt through four, six or maybe even a dozen tabs. Meanwhile, with tabs that use the Binder as a data source rather than confusing themselves as being data, we can more seamlessly and less awkwardly provide custom lists of items that aren’t search based.
  • If you load a search collection then its stored criteria will be loaded into the project search tool. Modify it as you wish, and when you have the results tweaked, simply save them and discard the old collection.
  • On that point however, more options are indeed coming. :smiley: