Smeared text

I’ve seen my text smear and rip a few times in Scrivener, but not in any other applications. I’m running Scrivener 1.03 on a MacBook Pro, with OSX 10.4.9. Attached is a screenshot (the prose is pure first draft, typos and all, so no editorial comments, please!). In the screenshot, you can see that the text area is smeared, but the binder and information column on the right are both fine. The smearing is not a momentary effect, and is still on my screen exactly as I first saw it about 5 minutes ago. Curiously, I can even scroll the text field and it carries the smear along with it. But if I scroll the smeared text completely off-screen, then when I scroll back to the same spot it’s clean again. The effect isn’t tied to this text, file, or project. I see it about once a week.

I know that Apple’s text field stuff is buggy, and I suspect this is another symptom of that, but I only see this particular effect in Scrivener. It’s not a major problem, but it is a minor occasional annoyance. Unfortunately, I can’t reproduce it on demand - it happens unpredictably.

Any thoughts on this phenomenon?


Check this page:


Thanks for answering, Khaldreit - yep, this came up recently. It’s a redrawing bug in the Apple text system that can be reproduced in TextEdit, as you can see from my screenshot in the thread linked.