Snap shot Roll Back Feature works improperly

(Running Beta 1.55 on Windows XP)

I was going through the tutorial section “5f: Snapshots” and everything worked fine, until I tried the “Roll Back” feature.

When I click the Roll Back button and attempt to roll the document back to an earlier version, Scrivener pastes a copy of the earlier version onto the end of the version I am currently viewing. This happens weather I click “yes” or “no” in the “take a snapshot before rolling back?” dialog box. Scarily, I can not undo this, weather I use ctrl-Z or Edit>undo.

As a work around, I can take a snapshot, then select everything and delete it, then perform the roll back.

Hope this Helps, Lunarclipper

I have the same issue.

This is still not working rightin Beta 1.7