Snaphots are getting deleted

I posted a prior item on this but I’m reposting now as this has happened to me twice now for sure. About a year ago I snapshotted all my scenes, one by one, start to finish. Over the course of the year, a great many of the chapters accumulated 3-5 snapshots. Then, after an upgrade, I noticed a large number of scenes missing snapshots. Many folders only the most recent snapshot or no snapshot at all. I reported the bug and was asked to go through all the snapshots and see if they were ‘lost’ or truly deleted. When this happened to me a second time, I did go through and verify. No question about it. Scrivener is eating snapshots. As bugs go, I’m not sure how much worse it gets.

I’m not seeing this. You’re right; it is a serious issue. Not as bad as it could be – backup should still be backing up everything. Is there anything (other than they’re all on your computer) unusual that these lost files were expected to contain? Are any synced while editing (don’t do that; good way to lose files without meaning to)?

I’m not sure what you mean by something unusual that they contained. There were just snapshots… prior versions of scene that I kept in case I didn’t like the current version and wanted to rewrite. I’m not syncing anything when I snapshot. Just hitting control-5 and then occasionally going back to see what I wrote before. This is a huge bug. I would have written it off as a fluke if I hadn’t seen it happen twice.

Please, try to create a reproducible project example. Ensure that you have enabled backups on open and/or close and make sure that you have increased the number of backups. Once a snapshot disappears try to pinpoint the two consecutive project backups with and without the snapshot. Once you have these two projects, which lose a snapshot, we will be able to trace this further.

Quick question for the OP -

Have you checked your computer to make sure it is healthy? In addition to worms and other malware, if a file gets corrupted Windows may delete it on its own, and sometimes as older hard drives start to go bad files stored on them get corrupted. If you are using Dropbox, maybe even one of your machines other than your primary is the one going bad and it’s getting deleted there and then the deletion is getting synced to your other devices.

Just asking because no one else has reported this issue, and Snapshots is one of the most widely used tools across all users, I myself use it extensively and haven’t had a single snapshot disappear.

Had you ever deleted any of the snapshots? There was a bug, fixed in RC10, whereby deleting a snapshot could also delete the following snapshot. This would have needed the trigger of you manually deleting a snapshot within the different documents, though, and so as to trigger the additional, unintended deletion.

I’m also experiencing missing snapshots. They show up in the list of snapshots, but when selected, nothing loads in the lower window. I dug through the Snapshots folder for the project and the files are still there, they’re just not loading in Scrivener. This has been an issue pretty much since I started using the beta in May.

@ imaginepageant: Could you please upload a trimmed version of your project with a couple of documents showing the missing snapshots issue. Thanks!

Sorry about the delays on the responses. Pretty much only have a little time at beginning and end of week to respond. To answer one of the questions, I did delete a snapshot in past, but that was some time ago. Very difficult to see how this would have been the issue since I do this so infrequently. I can try to recreate this effect with another project but it’s super difficult to catch. Seems to work normally most of the time. But when it blows up, it’s hard to miss as so many files are lost. The closet thing to a trigger that I can find is that the issues both times occurred shortly after an upgrade. Another oddity I can’t explain… when the deletes occur, they run in a serial fashion, the damage beginning with some scene then carrying forward through many others before ending. The swath of damage is pretty broad though, impacting 40+ scenes.